About Erotic Psyche

Erotic Psyche is a space that brings with it some Intense and Passionate encounters of People like You and Me with an urge to move our inner-selves with a feeling of Love, Lust, Passion and Eroticism. It intends to simulate the deepest thoughts and runs you through the Sensual Trance of your Conscious and Sub-conscious desires.

Author’s Word:

Erotica is an essential part of life. When I wrote my first Secret Erotic, in my Teens, my Folks read it. Yes! They did and it was no longer a Secret. There I was in the midst of a huge hue and cry, I was left with nothing but feeling ashamed about how I felt and how terrible a thing it was to think Sexual.

As I grew up, I learnt this feeling was Natural. Sensuality is not a Sin; it is a vital element of Life. I began to accept my Desires and Sexual Feelings and started enjoying my Imaginations. So Men and Women, here I am, sharing my Erotica with you.

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Fueling Your Inner Desires